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Hybrid Medical Animation在2007九月十二日在Aurora Awards上贏得了二項最佳效果白金獎及二項金質獎。這是位於美國明尼蘇達州的動畫公司連續二年獲得Aurora Awards的最高榮譽,2007年有四分之三的參賽影片為"最佳動畫效果"類別,最後白金獎項由"REXIN-G的作用機制(Rexin-G Mechanism of Action)"獲獎,此影片是替Epeius Biotechnologies Corporation公司作。這動畫逼真的程現Rexin-G在癌症治療上革命性的分子機制。

(Nanowerk News) Hybrid Medical Animation announced today that it took home two platinum best of show and two gold at this year’s Aurora Awards. This is the second consecutive year the Minneapolis-based animation studio has been given the top honor. 
Three of four Auroras this year came from the “Use of Special Effects/ Animation” category. The platinum winner from this category, “Rexin-G Mechanism of Action”, was created for Epeius Biotechnologies Corporation. The animation depicts the molecular mechanisms of its revolutionary Rexin-G cancer therapy.

Watch the video here.

Frames from the award-winning animation 


Epeius Biotechnologies Corporation的執行長Frederick Hall博士表示,"我們的頂尖分子生物學家也都十分驚嘆這麼逼真的動畫,Hybrid Medical Animation這家公司所製作的動畫藝術地整合了腫瘤與目標及基因與運送的概念”

“Our top molecular biologists were awed by the striking realism and artful flow of the tumor-targeting and gene-delivery themes that Hybrid orchestrated,” said Epeius president, Dr. Frederick Hall.


Rexin-G is the world's first tumor-targeted nanomedicine, a targeted gene delivery system that seeks out and destroys cancers that have spread throughout the body. Rexin-G has demonstrated efficacy against a broad spectrum of tumors where chemotherapy and other treatments have failed.

Jeffrey Johnson表示,"我們的客戶並沒有插手干預我們的設計,使我們能夠以創新的手法來完成Rexin-G的計劃,我們也將許多很艱深難懂的科學概念,轉換成視覺化引人注目的故事,讓觀看動畫的人了解這種癌症藥物如何真正的發揮作用。

“The client’s hands off approach really allowed us to innovate on the Rexin-G project,” said Jeffrey Johnson, founder and creative director for Hybrid. “We were allowed the freedom to take a very complex science concept and transform it into a visually compelling story of how this revolutionary cancer drug actually works.”

Hybrid Medical Animation抱走第二項白金獎項為名為"自我推銷/真實情境模擬"類別,為他們在2006年推銷的真實生物模擬影片。另外其中一項金質獎項頒給了替 Pfizer Global Pharmaceuticals公司所製作的動畫,最後一個則是由"禽流感病毒散佈"的動畫奪走。

Hybrid took home a second platinum statue in the “Self Promotion/Demo Reel” category for their 2006 promotional reel. One gold Aurora went for an animation produced for Pfizer Global Pharmaceuticals, while the other was awarded for an awareness-building animation on the spread of avian flu.

Aurora Awards是一個獨立的設計競賽,主要目的是頒給設計精良的影片或電影公司,Aurora Awards主要參賽的影片來自無國籍商業、地區、特定娛樂項目及合作贊助的影片、電影作品。評審來自影評作家、製片及導演。他們每位也都曾經獲獎的得主,參賽作品來自世界各國。

The Aurora Awards is an independent competition designed to recognize excellence in the film and video industries. The Auroras specifically target non-national commercials, regional, or special interest entertainment and corporate-sponsored film and video. Judging is provided by a panel of film and video writers, producers, and directors; each of whom is a previous Aurora winner. Entries are received from across the US and abroad.

Epeius Biotechnologies Corporation is a privately held biopharmaceutical company dedicated to the advancement of genetic medicine with the development and commercialization of its proprietary targeted delivery systems. Credited with innovations ranging from oncogene discovery, to designer therapeutic genes, to pathotropic (disease-seeking) targeting, to high-performance vector engineering, to advanced biopharmaceutical manufacturing and bioprocess development, Epeius Biotechnologies is well positioned to launch its enabling platform technologies for the benefit of cancer patients worldwide.

Hybrid Medical Animation, Inc. produces cutting-edge 3D medical and scientific animation for the pharmaceutical, medical device, healthcare, and biotechnology industries. The Minneapolis-based studio employs ten full-time animators and a staff board-certified physician. Hybrid’s industry leading, scientifically accurate animations have been recognized by the Medical Marketing Association, and others, for excellence.

Nanowerk News, September 12, 2007



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